Sharpie® Rub-A-Dub® Juice Custom Sneakers

My Shoes.

my portfolio

Little Fanciful Thing

Sharpie® 06-1

A single leaf in a cool midnight breeze
Floating along an invisible web
To land wherever the wind takes it.

Sharpie® 06-2

A teardrop that reflects the soul
Both in joy and in sadness
Salty, bitter, and sweet

Sharpie® 06-3

A word uttered in anger and frustration
A word said in fondness and love
Both creator and destroyer

Sharpie® 06-4

A second to think and decide
Becomes the future to look forward to
Or a past filled with regret

Sharpie® 06-5

Big things do come in such small packages.

Sharpie® 06-6

A graceful voice performing on the stage of life.

Sharpie® 06-7

May your rhymes keep you liberated and free
May your rhythms dance like the fleeting seasons
May your harmonies accompany you on a lonely summer afternoon
May your melodies keep you warm with hope and friendship
May your lyrics tell their stories of fantasy and dreams
May your beats accompany you in worry and doubt
May your…

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