First Kiss

This video already went viral with more than 61 million views and its continuously gaining hits at the moment.  This type of content is something shareable. Yes, it is something that will make you feel and think about  love, cheeriness, and an odd feel of getting into a deep shit.  But the truth is everything is just a cynical plot to attract people and earn money by showing a video of strangers making out. Hey, just so you know, It is a commercial for an autumn/winter clothing line.

But i still want to say cheers to the people who were able to think of a marketing campaign that doesn’t feel like one. So does WREN Studio got what they really want? Were they able to inform the digital media about who they are and what they do?  Are they satisfied?  These are some of the questions that got into my mind after seeing this campaign.

Now, Does it mean the “First Kiss” is a win marketing campaign for Wren Studio?

And i think, definitely! Yes! It is indeed a WIN for WREN Studio.  Just check out some of these tweets and you’ll surely get your ass kickin’

The response from the Social Media definitely made this marketing campaign successful. Again, Cheers to Wren Studio for creating something different, refreshing and captivating. Great job!


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