5 Stages of an integrated digital marketing life cycle

Clients generally have unrealistic expectations of a integrated digital marketing campaign.  They expect results immediately or within the first 3 months. We prepare our clients for real expectations by reviewing a Digital Marketing Campaign Life Cycle.


During an Integrated Digital Marketing campaign, the campaign will experience five stages in the life cycle. During each time period the number of touchpoints,  client marketing efforts that  touch the customer, are expanded. These touchpoints build on each other and grow exponentially.  As your network expands the media (traditional advertising, PR, online, social) begin to synergize with each other. In the future a successful campaign will be self generating and grow virally.  The goal is to convert your network of touchpoints to actions that  support your campaign objectives. Here are the expectations projected for the five stages of the Digital Marketing Life Cycle.

SETUP   (0-3 months)

  • assess touchpoints
  • build online environment
  • establish baseline
  • setup digital media infrastructure
  • establish listings on search engines
  • gain followers
  • initiate relationships
  • develop content strategy
  • assess digital footprint
  • increase member interactions
  • begin gaining new referrals/leads
  • initiate brand mentions

TRACTION   (4-9 mo)

  • transform touchpoints to conversation points
  • gain traction on social media sites
  • integrate mobile with social media
  • gain responses to call to action
  • place on search engines
  • gain new sales/members
  • gain initial thought leadership interactions
  • build member satisfaction/feedback
  • increase customer service

POSITIONING   (10-15 months)

  • convert conversation points to conversion points
  • gain positions on search engines
  • gain thought leadership interactions
  • gain new sales revenue
  • develop brand loyalty

EXPANSION   (16-27+ months)

  • stabilize position on search engines
  • establish some recognition as a thought leader
  • gain brand  power
  • gain consistent stream of revenue


  • expand networks exponentially through fan/follower networks and social communities

As seen on: Social Media Today


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