Content Marketing Today

I attended the recently concluded International Mobile and Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Summit 2015 where Ant Hearne from Outbrain talked about the head and the heart and explained why it is very important in content marketing.

Probably, you are now asking why the head and the heart?

Let us start with an example. Have you heard of Coca-cola’s campaign last 2012 entitled Where will Happiness strike next: The OFW Project? Take a look at it below.

Coca Cola decided to bring home several Overseas Filipino Workers who had lived apart from their families for many years. The campaign resulted in a heart-wrenching video which immediately went viral, generating 1.3 million views and more than 17,000 “likes” within few days.  What can you say about this? ( I cried too and it’s ok.)

Coca-cola was able to tell the story in an authentic way, connecting with audiences through emotions, and through those emotions, was able to get to the head of their audiences, building trust.

This way, Coca-cola understood the importance of trust and of tapping into emotions, and are constantly striving to tell stories, to build that emotional connection with their audiences.

Have you also seen the recent Pixar movie Inside Out? Here’s the trailer.


It’s an animated movie set in the mind of a young girl – Riley – where five personified emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust lead her through life as she moves to a new city with her parents.

The movie is a visual reminder of the power of emotions that we have in our lives. It is also a reminder of the power of storytelling, and how we all love stories. Just like Riley’s, our lives are constantly dominated by emotions, and for a brand to touch our our heart and strike emotions within us, it takes a great story. Because content alone, when it doesn’t create emotions, when it doesn’t tell a story, will not build a brand.

So, two things to remember from the examples above, the power of storytelling and its relevance to emotion. That’s the key on playing with content marketing today.


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